At Strategon we understand that as business owners and managers, you have can have limited time and resources to allocate towards the implementation of new strategies to help your business achieve greater levels of success and growth.  Working at the coalface in your business, day in and day out, can make it very difficult to see the forest from the tree.  Our experience is that there is real value in having a fresh pair of eyes look into your business and provide some guidance and support to help you drive the necessary changes that will lift the performance and profitability of your business.

The team at Strategon has a diverse set of skills, capabilities, and experience that allows us to quickly recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your business, develop results oriented action plans, and help you and your management team implement the desired improvements to achieve the growth levels you are seeking.

Talk to us about implementing a focused Business Mentoring Program in your business that could include:

  • Creation and Management of An Advisory Board
  • Monthly 1 page reporting on your businesses Key Indicators with our own “Dashboard Builder”™
  • Customised Quarterly Health Check Ups
  • Designing and Facility Team Building and Strategy Formations for your Management Team