Many businesses today through the web have a real opportunity to grow an international business. However, successfully creating a sustainable and profitable International business is a challenging task. At Strategon we have successfully helped grow businesses into North America, Europe & UK, Asia, Middle East, and the Pacific Region. We have grown businesses through a mix of Agent/Distributor Networks, Joint Venture/Licence Agreements, and Direct Wholesale and Business models and across a diverse range of Industries.

At Strategon we assist you in all steps pf the expansion program and align relevant Government Programs to assist in successfully building a new business and understand that each case is unique in the issues it faces (freight, financing, manufacture, quality control and testing, marketing, and stakeholder management). As with many aspects of business much is hidden until it is encountered and therefore our approach is collaborative in understanding the available resources (people and budget), thereby creating the most appropriate expansion program for the business.

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