This is a key success area for all businesses and at Strategon we take an active role in developing the most appropriate sales and marketing program and approach for your business. Given that Sales is much more than just selling a product or service and Marketing is more than just advertising and promotion,Strategon ensures an integration of these functions within the resource limits of your business.

At Strategon we develop a program specific for your needs. Whilst we follow a methodology to understand and identify issues in the business, the action plan is developed with you accommodating your current resources (financial and skills) and business goals. We believe it is important for a business to fully understand the dynamics and complexities of sales and marketing and hence we develop and implement a “Business Growth Program” with our clients to successfully achieve positive outcomes across all areas of Sales Management (Product, Channel, Staff/Agents/Distributors), Market Expansion, Marketing Communication, Customer/Stakeholder engagement and management and Customer Loyalty and Relationship Management.

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